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Range $200,000 On Average


Project Overview: We are actively seeking construction companies or general contractors to undertake a residential construction project in Winter Haven, Florida. The landowner is looking for experienced teams proficient in building residential properties, such as single-family homes or duplexes. Preference will be given to contractors who can provide pre-established design models that can be adapted or customized to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the owner.

Project Details:

  • Location: Winter Haven, Florida, USA
  • Project Type: New Residential Construction
  • Land Size: Slightly over 1/4 acre, fully prepared for construction initiation.
  • Construction Timeline: The project is expected to commence within the next month and should be completed within 120 to 180 days.
  • Budget: The estimated budget ranges from $125,000 to $250,000.

Construction Requirements:

  • Contractors are required to manage all aspects of the construction process, including the adaptation of pre-designed models to fit the owner’s specifications.
  • The project entails comprehensive permit management, ensuring all constructions meet local codes and regulations.
  • Contractors must demonstrate their capability to efficiently handle site preparations, construction, and final handover within the stipulated timeline.

Contractor Qualifications:

  • Must have a proven track record in residential construction, specifically in houses and duplexes.
  • Ability to provide and adapt pre-designed architectural models as per client specifications.
  • Must be fluent in Spanish, as the project requires professionals who can effectively communicate with the Spanish-speaking owner.
  • Must be fully licensed, insured, and capable of managing the entire project lifecycle from planning to completion.

Project Goals:

  • To develop a customized residential property that reflects the personal style and functional requirements of the owner.
  • To ensure the construction is carried out with precision, meeting all quality standards and homeowner expectations.

Objective: The primary aim of this project is to build a residential unit that not only caters to the living needs of the owner but also complements the aesthetic and environmental standards of the Winter Haven community. The project offers an opportunity for a construction firm to showcase its expertise in delivering tailored residential solutions within a competitive budget and timeframe.

This construction initiative represents an excellent opportunity for contractors looking to expand their portfolio in residential development, particularly in the vibrant community of Winter Haven, Florida. Contractors interested in this project are encouraged to get in touch promptly to discuss project details, timelines, and the submission of their proposals.

Project features

Project details
Furnishing: 2
Bedrooms: 2
Ceiling Height: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Construction Year: 4
Floor: 1
Renovation: 5
tes fitur: 212


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Current Bid
Range $200,000 On Average

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